Smart Skills Passport – 1 Year Full Access

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  • 550 Skills Learning Portal
  • ☑ Lessons include downloadable Audio – TRY IT
  • ☑ Interactive AI Chat
    • ☑ Ask the AI
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    • ☑ Custom Quiz Maker – TRY IT
    • ☑ SEO Article Builder
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    • ☑ Complex Text Explainer
    • ☑ Motivation Mode
  • ☑ Custom Video Generator
  • ☑ Language Learning Tools
  • ☑ Multilingual Text-to-Speech Generator




Embark on a transformative journey with the Smart Skills Passport, your all-in-one gateway to mastering 550 diverse life skills. From personal & professional development to technical expertise, each of the 550 skills features 10 detailed lessons, crafted to provide an in-depth exploration and understanding.

Smart Life Skills

Multilingual Lessons & Audio: Every lesson includes an audio option in multiple languages with authentic accents and adjustable playback speed.

Interactive Learning with AI-Driven Assistance

After each lesson, engage with a skill-specific AI chatbot for a personalized learning experience. This innovative approach ensures that your learning is interactive, with instant feedback and tailored guidance propelling you toward mastery.

How-To Chatbot: Universal Guide for All Skills

Your Smart Skills Passport membership opens the door to unlimited learning opportunities. Our How-To Chatbot delivers easy-to-follow, step-by-step solutions faster than any Google search, minus the ads and unnecessary clicks. It’s your direct line to instant answers and practical guidance.

Enhanced Learning & Voiceovers with Text-to-Speech (TTS) Technology

Experience lessons like never before with our Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, powered by state-of-the-art Wavenet technology. Enjoy lessons in authentic accents across multiple languages, and tailor the playback speed to suit your learning pace.

Leverage our advanced Wavenet Text-to-Speech technology not just for our lessons but also to convert any text of your choosing into spoken audio in various languages, ideal for language learning or creating professional voiceovers.

Unlimited Quizzes for Every Skill

With the addition of unlimited quizzes, Smart Skills Passport now lets you create custom quizzes to test your knowledge, ensuring you grasp every concept thoroughly. This interactive approach to testing and reinforcement is designed to complement your learning journey, making skill mastery more attainable and enjoyable.

Join Smart Skills Passport: Unlimited Access, Unbeatable Value

Embrace the full experience with Smart Skills Passport.

Unlock full access with a one-time payment. This plan grants you unlimited access to our platform for a full year. Renewal is completely up to you; we will not auto-bill you.


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