Lesson 7: Technological Advancements in WordPress Skills

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IT Skills


The objective of this lesson is to equip learners with an understanding of how technological advancements are impacting and enhancing WordPress skills. By the end of this lesson, learners should be able to comprehend and apply the latest tools and features in WordPress to create more efficient, secure, and dynamic websites, with a focus on real-world applications.

Comprehensive Content Overview:

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WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform into a comprehensive content management system (CMS). Technological advancements have significantly influenced WordPress skills in areas such as theme customization, plugin development, page builders, SEO optimization, security, and performance enhancements.

In-Depth Explanations with Actionable Insights:

  • Theme Customization: With advancements like the Full Site Editing (FSE) feature, users can now edit every aspect of their site’s appearance directly from the WordPress interface. For example, to change your header, navigate to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Editor’, and select the header template part to customize..
  • Plugin Development: Modern PHP practices and the WordPress REST API have transformed plugin development. To create a new plugin, start by creating a new folder in ‘wp-content/plugins’, and add a PHP file with the necessary header information and hooks to extend WordPress functionality..
  • Page Builders: Technological progress has given rise to page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder, which offer drag-and-drop interfaces. To create a custom page ...
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