Lesson 5: The Art and Science of Interview Skills

interview skills
Interview Skills


The objective of this lesson is to equip learners with the nuanced approach required to excel in interviews, blending the methodical preparation with the creative execution that differentiates a good candidate from an exceptional one. By the end of this lesson, learners will understand how to systematically prepare for interviews while also harnessing their creativity to respond to unexpected questions and situations, ensuring they present themselves as adaptable and dynamic professionals.

Comprehensive Content Overview:

Smart Life Skills

Interview skills encompass a range of abilities, from presenting oneself effectively to understanding the interviewer’s perspective. Key aspects include:

  • Understanding the interview process.
  • Researching the company and role.
  • Developing a narrative for your career.
  • Effectively communicating qualifications and experience.
  • Answering and asking questions with insight.
  • Handling different interview formats and styles.
  • Post-interview etiquette.

In-depth Explanations with Actionable Insights:

Understanding the Interview Process: An interview is a structured conversation where the interviewer assesses the candidate’s suitability for a role. It’s important to understand the stages, from the initial greeting to closing the interview.

For example, a common interview structure includes: 1. Introduction and small talk 2. Questions about your background 3. Behavioral and situational questions 4. Your questions for the interviewer 5. Conclusion and next steps

Researching the Company and Role: Research should be methodical, covering the company’s history, culture, recent news, and the specifics of the role. To apply this, visit the company’s website, read through ...

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