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Smart Life Skills

Leveraging artificial intelligence, the Smart Skills Passport goes beyond traditional learning methods to offer dynamic, interactive, and adaptive learning experiences.

Introducing the Smart Skills Passport

  • ☑ 550 Skills Learning Portal
  • ☑ Multilingual Lessons with Audio
  • ☑ 551 GPT-AI Chatbots
  • ☑ Custom Video Generator
  • ☑ Custom Quiz Generator – TRY IT FREE
  • ☑ Checklist Generator
  • ☑ Motivation Mode
  • ☑ Complex Text Explainer
  • ☑ Language Learning Tools
  • ☑ Custom Multilingual Text-to-Speech Generator

Transformative Learning Journey: Smart Skills Passport is your gateway to mastering 550 life skills, offering 10 detailed lessons per skill for personal & professional development and technical expertise.

AI-Driven Interactive Learning: Engage with a skill-specific AI chatbot after each lesson for personalized, interactive learning with instant feedback.

Unlimited Learning with the “Any Skill” Universal How-To Chatbot: Gain access to step-by-step solutions on any skill, anytime, without ads or unnecessary clicks, through the AI-driven How-To Chatbot in the member’s area.

AI-driven Custom Quiz Generator: Test your knowledge and reinforce learning with unlimited AI-driven customizable quizzes. Simply input a quiz topic to instantly receive multiple-choice questions along with an answer key.

Multilingual Lessons & Audio: Every lesson includes an audio option in multiple languages with authentic accents and adjustable playback speed.

Full access to our TTS Technology:  Leverage our advanced Wavenet Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology not just for our lessons but also to convert any text of your choosing into spoken audio in various languages, ideal for language learning or creating professional voiceovers.

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